Why us?

What is “Karate Akademija”

  • “Karate Akademija” is one of the most professional karate schools in Lithuania, founded in 1996, where you will discover a martial art “Fudokan Karate” (children and adults) as well as the real fight and self-defense based on authentic ancient practice of “Koryu Karate Jutsu Jissen Ryu” (adults only).
  • “Karate Akademija” training base consists of two parts – the first part, which includes gradual education, traditional karate for children and their parents, giving their visitors all the opportunities to participate in certification exams, tournaments in Lithuania, as well as international competitions and events around the globe. The second part of the training is ancient self-defense style without any restrictions (Koryu Karate Jutsu Jissen Ryu). This style of self-defense is not a sport and competitions are not applicable. It is allocated for the basics of self-defense for adult civilians and specialized trainings.


World Traditional Karate-Do Federation (formerly named ITKF) is an international institution for traditional karate management, which sets the technical standarts for this martial art.

Organisation ITKF was renamed in 1985 (the beginning have taken place since 1970), it’s founder was a Japanese master Hidetaka Nishiyama. ITKF was responsible for the maintenance of ITKF world championships since 1975. This federation has been constantly improving technical aspects, such as creating new categories as En-bu, Fuku-go and Kogo-kumite.

In 2014, October 24 the General assembly made a decision by which the International Federation of Traditional Karate (ITKF), based in Geneva (Switzerland), changed its name to the World Federation of Traditional Karate (WTKF). The main goal of the organization remains unchanged.


In 1980 Master Prof. Dr. Ilija Jorga announced the stylistic international den to fudokan karate-do federation, which was soon approved and recognized as a traditional karate style by the ITKF and its leader at the time, legendary karate master Sensei Hidetaka Nishiyama. Teachers of the master Ilija Jorga: Tetsuji Murakami, Taiji Kase and Hidetaka Nishyama.

The first contacts with Lithuania were established in 1993-1994. A year later, the master visited Vilnius, Lithuania and organized the first seminar of traditional karate Fudokan. In 1996 the exams for first black belts (1 Dan) were passed by J. Žiugžda and R. Bublevičius, 1 Dan was also given to Tomas Grigaravičius (the first president of he LTKF Federation) after his death.

In 2004, for the first time in the history of Lithuanian traditional karate and Fudokan karate, the title of world vice-champion was brought to Lithuania by the national team athlete Rytis Bublevičius (Davos, Switzerland).


Ancient KORYU karate, based on real life self-defense, developed and formed in the archipelago of the RYU KYU islands (now Okinawa) between China and Japan. The method consists of the technical meaning and interpretation of the forms – KATA.

A wide arsenal of techniques is used: punches, kicks, throws, grabs, strangles, attacks on vital parts of the body, joint fractures, the use of weapons and more.

It is not a sport and there is no competition. This domain is for the basics of self-defense of adult civilians and specialized trainings.

The “Karate Akademija” cooperation with the international KKJJR organization and its leader Hubert Leanen has been developing since 2016.


The origins of the martial art Motobu Ryu in the Kingdom of Okinawa (RYU KYU KINGDOM) date back 1400 years. It is one of the oldest Okinawan fighting method.

In 2018, representatives of Lithuania (Karate Akademija), together with repesentatives from Belgium, Poland and the Netherlands, visited and trained with Okinawian masters: Isao YAGI (Motobu Ryu), Tetsuhiro HOKAMA (Goju Ryu), Yoshimasa MATSUDA and Higa MASAHARA (Shorin Ryu).

Who founded “Karate Akademija”?

Founder – Rytis Bublevičius (6 Dan):

  • In the international Traditional Karate world known as a long-time professional athlete and an excellent coach who has trained over 20 black belt masters and over 10 European and World Champions.
  • Dignitary Protection Service (of the Republic of Lithuania), close protection officer, 10 years of service with the Head of State Dalia Grybauskaitė.

Why do parents bring their children to “Karate Akademija”?

  • For their coordination and health improvement, self-confidence development.
  • Because they trust the competence of the club leader and other club instructors, as well as their common moral values.

Why do parents themselves get tempted to practice karate and join the club as members?

Why do parents themselves join the club as members?

  • Martial arts strengthens health, raises tonicity, increases endurance. It also helps to gain confidence by studying the ancient Okinawan Karate style “Koryu Karate Jutsu” applied in the street.
  • Possibility to discover a new diverse community people such as businessmen, musicians, law enforcement officers and more.

Thanks to consistent training and determination, several parents have become European Champions together with their children!

Where do the trainings take place?

  •  The main place for training [Hombu Dojo] is Saltoniškių g. 10 C (VDA lyceum SOKRATUS), Vilnius.
  •  Other “Karate Akademija” branch are located in:
    Sporto st. 3, Riešė, Vilnius district.

Why register now?

Register your child and yourself for a trial training by calling +37069940442 and discover the championship within you through karate!

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